Connected Nation Texas encourages partnerships with both private and public entities. We value the insights that state agencies, private industries, community groups and non-profits provide in promoting adoption, access, and use of broadband in the state.


Connected Nation Texas is an independent, public & private initiative working to ensure that all can experience the benefits of broadband. Technology, especially widespread access, use and adoption of broadband, improves all areas of life. Connected Nation Texas invites you to join us in changing communities and lives across Texas.



"It has become obvious that broadband is a life-line for rural Texas. Just like electricity, broadband impacts every aspect of a rural community – education, healthcare, economic development, emergency response, etc. Closing the connectivity gap is vital for ongoing sustainability and the pursuit of growth opportunities in the rural areas. The work of the Connected Nation Texas team has been extremely valuable in addressing mapping, verifying broadband speeds and working with community leaders throughout the state to address specific needs. Elected officials have relied heavily on Connected Nation’s work to pass new legislation addressing broadband needs in Texas. I’m confident leaders across our state can utilize the valuable work by Connected Nation to engage public-private partnerships to make significant progress toward closing the connectivity gap in rural areas."
Rick Rhodes, Rural Engagement Coordinator, Texas Rural Funders
"Although most Texans take for granted a reliable broadband connection, most disconnected Texans are rural. The importance of broadband is crystal clear--without it Texans are not connected to the 21st century. Without broadband, Texans are disconnected from education, healthcare, and commerce. For that reason, our state must continue to invest in equitable access to broadband, affordable broadband, increasing adoption, and ensuring Texans have 21st century digital skills."
Wynn Rosser, President & CEO, TLL Temple Foundation
"Access to reliable, high speed Internet service is paramount to sustaining employment, commerce and educational attainment within the CAPCOG ten-county region; it also increases the region’s ability to telework which is just as important as driving to work. Yet in many of the region's counties and cities, reliable internet access is not available. We look forward to growing our partnership with Connected Nation to improve Internet access throughout the ten counties."
Shelly Hargrove, Director Community and Economic Development Capital Area Council of Governments
"Access to broadband and digital connectivity stands between rural Texans and their full participation in 21st Century education, healthcare, workforce, and economic development. With 90% of disconnected Texans living in rural regions, it is crucial that public-private partnerships support broadband planning and implementation at the local level. This is where Connected Nation Texas has proven itself to be an essential partner to rural communities across the State."
Ellen Ray, Board President, Texas Rural Funders and Executive Director, Still Water Foundation
"I would like to praise the efforts of Connected Nation Texas in their efforts to educate and advocate for the need of broadband for the State of Texas. As we have all become aware of the importance and necessity of broadband during the pandemic of 2020, it becomes even more of an urgency to have broadband put in place to provide education, healthcare, business day to day activity and national security at the front and foremost of our State. This will be the most economic development project that the State of Texas can provide to ensure the growth and development of our State."
Teresa Burnett, Executive Director, Monahans Chamber of Commerce
"The work of Connected Nation-Texas helps improve the quality of life in rural areas by digitally connecting the rural communities to the rest of the world. Not only will this improve the quality of life but create possibilities to enrich lives and better prepare for the future."
Donald Jirkovsky, Director and Heidi Shook, Community Development Specialist - University of Houston-Victoria Center for Regional Collaboration