Connected Nation Texas encourages partnerships with both private and public entities. We value the insights that state agencies, private industries, community groups and non-profits provide in promoting adoption, access, and use of broadband in the state.


Connected Nation Texas is an independent, public & private initiative working to ensure that all can experience the benefits of broadband. Technology, especially widespread access, use and adoption of broadband, improves all areas of life. Connected Nation Texas invites you to join us in changing communities and lives across Texas.



"In the late 1800s, electricity revolutionized America and reinvented our economy. Today broadband service has the same potential. For the Lone Star State to remain a global powerhouse of production we must ensure all Texans have access to high-speed Internet. By developing a strategic plan for broadband development, we will accomplish our goals of connecting all Texans."
Former Commissioner Todd Staples
Texas Department of Agriculture
"The information that Connected Texas has collected is a missing piece of the puzzle for our planning, budgeting and delivering online learning resources and services for all students."

Bob Daughrity
Former Chief Technology Officer
Pasadena Independent School District. Current Farmer

"The ability to build a world-wide business from every den or spare bedroom in Texas has become a realistic dream. People don't have to work in the high-tech corridor in Austin to be able to create the next "must-have" iPhone app, or produce videos for clients that can be seen by people around the world."
Robert S. Howden
Texans For Economic Progress (TEP)
"The new broadband map will greatly assist the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in our work to improve Internet connectivity and technology based services provided by Texas public libraries. The complete picture of the state’s broadband coverage will help us focus our efforts on those libraries where better connectivity is needed. Public libraries often face the challenge of not knowing what broadband options are available in their area, and the new map will become a valuable informational tool for them as well."

Peggy D. Rudd
Former Director and Librarian
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

"The work of Connected Texas is a critical component for School Districts of Texas that are pressing forward with the goal of ensuring that ALL students have 'anytime and anywhere' access to the Internet for learning."
Polly Gifford
Education Partners Solution, Inc.
"Living life and doing business have always relied on connections, which is why we are working to end the digital divide and connect all of Texas to the Web."
Former Commissioner Todd Staples
Texas Department of Agriculture
"Having a broadband connection available to every household will make an immediate difference in how Texas educates its children. As we look down the road to high national unemployment for years to come, it is obvious that the better educated a job seeker is, the better chance he or she has of a successful search."
Robert S. Howden
Texans For Economic Progress (TEP)
"Broadband is an essential service of the 21st century. When all Texans have access to broadband service it will allow a farmer in West Texas to be on the same playing field as a business executive on Wall Street. Besides business development, broadband and high-speed Internet will improve health care and education in our great state."
Former Commissioner Todd Staples
Texas Department of Agriculture