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Elementary school students add some extra color and joy for Senior Citizens this holiday season

Alpine, Texas (December 20, 2023) – When it comes to creating art, it’s hard to know when and where inspiration will strike. Just ask Lucy Escuder, a student at Alpine Elementary School located in far west Texas. 

“I was staring at the one Christmas present under the tree, and that is how I thought of my drawing,” she wrote.

Lucy won first place for her drawing in the Connected Nation (CN) Holiday Art Contest, which was hosted at the elementary school. Students were asked to create artwork based on the prompt “what the holidays mean to you?”

First, second, and third-place winners were chosen by CN’s team, and each student won a prize. All the students’ drawings were given to Senior Citizens at the Sunshine House through the Meals on Wheels Program. For the last few months, CN has been leading digital skills training classes for senior citizens at the Sunshine House.

The winners of the Holiday Art Contest not only shared their best art but also responded in writing to several questions from CN’s staff– and they had some great responses.

For instance, Lucy says that her favorite thing to do on the internet is play video games, and that her favorite holiday memory is “when I was trick or treating and fell on someone's steps.”

Second place went to Alperen Basibuyuk who also loves to play games and adds that he once used the internet to help his dad find a restaurant. Alperen is from Turkey and wrote, “In Turkey, we celebrate Bayrami. We have a lot of celebrations during this time.”

When asked about his drawing Alperen wrote: “I thought on Christmas it’s usually all about gifts, but I thought everyone needs to know that Jesus is the most important gift.”

Third place prize went to Sadie Wood who wrote that she likes to watch videos on the internet. Sadie also said it was hard to pick a favorite holiday memory, but that her drawing represents one.

“I chose this drawing, because every year we keep this tradition alive,” she wrote. “As a family, we cut down our own Christmas trees and it’s my most favorite time of the year.”

When asked if she had ever used technology to help someone, her answer was simply, “Yes, I am sure I have.”

Congratulations to all three winners who each created colorful and joyful artwork, and happy holidays from all of us at Connected Nation to all of you!