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Connected Community Engagement Program

Be empowered to be a champion for your community to close the Digital Divide

Connectedsm leverages collaborative, data-driven processes and builds trusted partnerships to inform technology planning.  Working with a local broadband team, our team identifies areas of importance, collects and analyzes data, and develops a Technology Action Plan that empowers a local community to implement holistic broadband solutions that connect everyone.  

Connected communities remain part of a powerful network of local leaders for networking and best practices.

Good data and strategic plans are a powerful tool—and we’ve got broadband and technology data from hundreds of communities across the country.  Check out the latest data and reports from our Connected communities.

Key Facts

  • 650+ Connected communities 
  • 10+ years of engagement and planning work
  • 3,500+ local community technology team members

What is Broadband?

Hundreds Of Communities Across The Country

Learn how to improve the broadband and technology ecosystem at a local level. Search below by county or community to see the latest plans.



“With the detailed information garnered from the program and aggregated in the Technology Action Plan. Wyandot County stakeholders now have the information to justify where effort can be made to better enhance broadband availability among residents and local businesses.” 

Greg Moon, Executive Director, Wyandot County Office of Economic Development, Sandusky Ohio

“Connected Nation is one of the easiest, hands-on, personable, helpful, and get-it-done organizations that I have ever worked with. I would encourage any community to enlist the help of Connected Nation for any of their projects.” 

Teresa Burnett, Executive Director, Monahans Chamber of Commerce, Monahans, Texas

“We thought we’d benefit from finding out where we stood. The whole point of the certification is to identify strength and weakness. Frankly, even if you didn’t get to the certification, you would still get a blueprint for moving forward to eliminate those weaknesses.”

Jim Erb, Mayor, Charles City, Iowa

“Companies are going to go where they know people have access to the internet and understand how to use it. It’s good for our schools, it attracts business, and it means our residents can stay here.”

Paul Griffith, Executive Director of Michigan Works

Funding Opportunities

The nation is seeing an unprecedented level of state and federal investment for broadband infrastructure and related technologies. Let us help you navigate current and upcoming  funding opportunities at the local and regional level. 

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