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Research Services

Connected Nation Research Services

Connected Nation’s Government Affairs and Public Policy Team is responsible for tracking and interpreting the rapidly-changing broadband policy landscape while seeking to encourage meaningful state and federal actions to help close the Digital Divide.

Our policy initiatives play a vital role in understanding existing or forthcoming opportunities for governments, businesses, and residents while helping to shape and influence policy initiatives that will increase broadband connectivity in rural areas.

In addition, our research team provides data collection and analysis in communities across the country through our Connected Community Engagement Program, education programs, drive-testing work, GIS services, and so much more. You can find many of these documents by searching state-by-state or for keywords.

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Research and Policy Documents

Get Connected Nation’s latest research, state broadband plans, educational data, analyses, policy briefs, and more."


Building telehealth equity: Insights from the Sault Sainte Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

This study, done in partnership with the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and with support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, provides new insights into how the Tribal members use telehealth, what barriers exist, and attitudes toward telehealth.

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2024 Utah School Technology Report

Connected Nation partnered with the Utah Education Network (UEN) to release the fifth iteration of this statewide report that compiles 82,600 data points on technology usage and gaps across 1,034 schools. 

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Mind the Gap: Closing the Digital Divide through affordability, access, and adoption

What new research from Connected Nation uncovers about the real-world challenges to closing the Digital Divide

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Connected Nation Policy Brief

The Federal Communications Commission moves to revive Net Neutrality rules

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State of Alaska

Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Final Report: November 2021  

Broadband Report Broadband Report

State of Michigan

Bringing Health Care Home: Telehealth Trends in Rural Michigan

Guiding Work in Michigan Guiding Work in Michigan

Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity

2021 Update to the Michigan Broadband Roadmap Michigan Office of High-speed Internet: November 2021

Michigan Broadband Roadmap Michigan Broadband Roadmap

State of Texas

Creating Better Economic & Life Opportunities by Expanding Access, Adoption, & Use of Broadband.

Guiding Work in Texas Guiding Work in Texas

Groundbreaking Telehealth Research

Connected Nation’s research team released a study in March 2020,  as the pandemic closed down the country, which closely examined the use and perceptions of telehealth in rural areas. 

As of July 2021, telehealth usage in the United States had grown by an estimated 3,003% over the pre-pandemic rate just among Medicare users alone.

To explore the issue further, Connected Nation hosted a telehealth summit featuring experts in broadband access and telehealth and explored the issue further with a new study published in December 2021. 

Our research continues today with work being conducted in Texas and among tribal communities in Michigan. Contact us today to inquire about our findings or to learn more about conducting a study and analysis in your area. 

2021 Study 
2020 Study 

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