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Teen-Led Digital Skills Training

We’re back, just in time for summer!

We invite teachers, youth focused organizations, and community non-profits to start a Teens Teach Tech team in your hometown.

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How it works

Teams offer hands-on workshops, one-on-one mentorship sessions, virtual sessions, and community events that cover a variety of digital skills. These skills range from basic computer literacy to understanding mobile devices, staying safe on the internet, and much more!

Connected Nation provides the following resources all designed to be engaging, accessible, and tailored to the needs of your community.



Training Materials


Financial Incentives


Mentor Support

What is Teens Teach Tech?

All topics are AT&T Connected Learning courses as written and will run approximately 60 – 90 minutes and is ideal for in-person delivery

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Internet Basics

The internet basics materials are intended for learners that are new to the internet and want to build confidence in finding information online and navigating websites. Topics include: web browsers, search engines, internet navigation, and tips/tricks for basic and advanced online searches.

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Computer Basics

The computer basics materials are intended for learners that are new to using a PC or Mac or want to build confidence using the Windows 10 or Mac operating system. Topics include: managing applications, files, and folders, and saving/deleting files.

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The cybersecurity materials are intended for learners who are interested in internet safety and want to protect themselves from cyber criminals. Topics include: safely visiting websites, identifying suspicious communication, and creating long and strong passwords.

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Email Basics

The email basics materials are intended for learners who are new to using email. It focuses on using Gmail, one of the most common email platforms. Topics include: creating a Gmail account, performing basic email functions such as sending, receiving, replying, organizing, deleting, and searching emails, and how to recognize suspicious communication.

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Mobile Device Basics

The mobile device basics materials are intended for learners who have a new Android or Apple mobile device or are considering getting one. Topics include: getting connected, learning the basic functions, common apps, and using the device safely.

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The video conferencing materials are intended for learners who are interested in confidently using the popular video conferencing platform Zoom to conduct and participate in online meetings.

Start a Teens Teach Tech team!

By forming a team with two or more teens, you as a mentor, are pivotal in facilitating valuable digital skills, training sessions, and fostering a culture of continuous learning in your community


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Youth Leadership

Teens learn to guide, teach, and support others while gaining confidence.

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Community Engagement

Participating in a community focused program promotes social skills and encourages empathy while allowing teens to connect with people of different ages and backgrounds.

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Personal Fulfillment

Helping the adults in their community develop new digital skills can be a deeply rewarding experience for teens. It instills a sense of accomplishment and purpose, cultivating positive self-esteem and motivation.

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Resume Enhancement

A notable accomplishment that can be highlighted on college applications and resumes. Engaging in coummunity service meets the requirements needed for many scholarships.

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Collaboration and Teamwork

Teens work in teams to organize and execute training sessions. This collaborative experience instills the value of teamwork, compromise, and collective achievement.

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Financial Incentives

Connected Nation provides start-up funds and financial incentives up to $4,000 per team.

Why we believe teens are the future of digital skills training

Teens understand the unique challenges their families and communities face. As digital natives, teens provide valuable skills to their communities while also building connections that go beyond the classroom.

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What learners are saying

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The program is made possible as part of  AT&T Connected Learning and AT&T's commitment to helping narrow the Digital Divide.