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Mapping & Analysis


Being able to accurately and more granularly map broadband service areas empowers states and local communities to be able to make better data-driven decisions that positively impact your constituents.

We believe that everyone belongs in a Connected Nation, so we have developed location intelligence solutions that result in higher broadband data quality than what is currently available on the national scale. Learn More

At CN, we put data to work for your state/community to more accurately assess where you are and the appropriate solutions to help you meet your goals for connecting citizens, governments, and anchor institutions.

Being able to map your broadband service areas is only the beginning. CN provides broadband data processing, location intelligence, and analysis to better understand the current broadband landscape and make more informed planning and expansion decisions. Learn More

In addition, CN also provides a way to ease the burden on your company by mapping, processing, analyzing, and formatting your service area information into the required federal filings. We believe everyone belongs in a Connected Nation and we can provide the solutions to help optimize your operations to connect more citizens.

We believe that everyone belongs in a Connected Nation. It shouldn’t matter whether you live in an urban or rural area, work from an office, from home, or on the road. At Connected Nation, we work to develop relationships with internet service providers (ISPs) to determine where people are served and unserved by various technologies and speeds. In addition to the mapping of these coverage areas, we need your help to ensure that the maps are as accurate as they can be. If you see a discrepancy on our maps, please let us know!

We can only help fix what we are aware of, especially if you are in the Digital Divide and do not have access to any broadband service. If you are in an unserved or underserved area, tell your neighbors to let us know as well! The more demand we can show in an area, the bigger difference we can help make.



The FCC is in the process of modernizing all of its universal service funding programs to support broadband access, adoption, and use. Connected Nation regularly compiles and publishes maps and data related to major developments in these FCC programs, including the Connect America Fund, the Mobility Fund, and the Rural Broadband Experiments. Learn More


Connected Nation is leading the way in better Form 477 filings. CN has been working with broadband providers as well as federal, state, and local stakeholders in data collection and analysis to advance broadband access, adoption, and use across the board.

That includes a new mapping methodology that uses existing data and consumer and provider input to rank just how accurate current broadband data is in America. Learn More


The broadband deployment and adoption patterns of households, businesses, and community anchor institutions vary substantially. As a result, overcoming the nation’s challenges in increasing broadband availability and utilization will require detailed and granular data collection and analysis, of both supply and demand conditions. We believe everyone belongs in a Connected Nation. That means understanding both the positive and negative impacts of having or not having broadband. Learn what research and analysis is showing us in a myriad of arenas from schools to businesses. Learn More


Connected Nation and its subsidiaries rely on citizen feedback to verify the accuracy of the broadband inventory maps. Feedback can be provided through the Broadband Inquiry form available on each of the state subsidiary websites, as well as on the Connected Nation website: Broadband Inquiry **Want to learn more about our mapping? Visit the mapping section of the Frequently Asked Questions page. Have questions about broadband data or any maps? E-mail us at [email protected]