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Meet Sophia Marion – Connected Nation Black History Month Profile

Bowling Green, Kentucky (February 27, 2024) - A native of St. Charles, Missouri, Sophia Marion works as a Project Management Intern at Connected Nation (CN). She is currently pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising at Kent State University, an area of study she chose out of a love for fashion she’s had since she was little. She believes that her experience, skills and education will help her become a successful professional in the fashion industry.

Sophia learned about CN through Claudia Rico, who serves as the Director of CN’s Project Management Office. The two met at an airport during a plane delay. They immediately clicked, and that chance meeting allowed Sophia to be brought in as CN’s first-ever Project Management Intern.

Being an intern at CN has allowed Sophia to fall in love with learning new skills and gaining new experience. She shared that the team is always eager to give her advice, which she values greatly as a new learner. One of the hardest things she has found about her position is learning how to balance school and the internship, but this challenge has helped her to acquire time management skills.

The mission of CN means “simply providing resources to communities to allow them to be successful. It all boils down to equity,” says Sophia.

Equity is the primary word that she would use to describe Black History Month as well. Sophia views the month as a time to acknowledge, educate, and respect the history, accomplishments, and contributions of a culture that otherwise are left untold.

By pursuing her passions both in education and work, Sophia has been able to create an environment where her voice and her heritage reflect her values of equity as an individual.

CN is fortunate to have her as part of our team!

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Sophia Marion