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Meet Alanna Roman-Young!

Bowling Green, Kentucky (February 21, 2024) - Alanna Roman-Young, Broadband Data Coordinator at Connected Nation, was born to a Guyanese mother and a Trinidadian father and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. There, she attended Midwood High School to study English, where she developed a passion for writing. After high school, Alanna attended Cooperative Technical Institute to become an optician because she was fascinated by the science of eyes and how they can transition from perfect 20/20 vision to needing prescription lenses.  

At the City College of New York, she received education in deaf studies after deciding she wanted to learn more about the deaf and hard of hearing community. Because she manages a variety of projects and tasks within her personal life, and she had an interest in the subject, Alanna also decided to study project management.

Alanna came to Connected Nation because she felt the position of Broadband Data Coordinator suited her well. She had previously worked with data, and she is very organized. She values the mission at Connected Nation and has a desire to help individuals, and here she has been able to do that in a way she did not know existed.

“Sometimes, when you have something, you don’t tend to think of the next individual who may not have access to some of what you had,” she says. This empowers Alanna to take her job seriously so that she and her team can make an impact. In 2024, Alanna is excited to see how broadband will continue to expand and what progress CN will make toward to closing the Digital Divide.

Alanna believes that Black History Month is very important and deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Because she is multi-racial, she says some individuals do not see why this month is important to her, as they claim she is “not Black enough.”

It’s important to Alanna to correct this assumption because it “takes away from what we have experienced as an individual who is Black and for what our ancestors have gone through and had to fight for. … Black people, whether dark or light, have experienced racism and inequality to some extent in their own ways.”

Alanna feels strongly about commemorating and giving honor and attention to the voices of the Black community, and the resilience of those individuals.

At CN, we’re proud to highlight outstanding young Black voices like Alanna. She is an incredible asset to our team!

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Alanna Roman Young