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Nacogdoches County releases broadband survey results, shares plan to expand and improve internet access

95.6% of households want improved or more options for service

Nacogdoches County, Texas (December 15, 2021) – Slow speeds and unreliable connections are the top reasons Nacogdoches County residents and businesses are dissatisfied with their current internet service. That’s according to countywide survey results just released by the Nacogdoches County Broadband Committee in partnership with Connected Nation Texas (CN Texas).

"The survey gives important data to utilize with prospective broadband providers and funding sources. In the rural areas of the county, it is important to have detailed information to assist these entities with the decision-making process,” said Greg Sowell, Nacogdoches County Judge.

The broadband survey provides a clear picture of the internet landscape across the County. The survey found, among other key data points, the following:

  • On average, residents report paying $89.45 per month for access to the internet.
  • For households that do not subscribe to home internet service, the top barrier is a lack of available service, followed by the cost.
  • About 67% of households and 60% of businesses report being dissatisfied with their current internet service.
    • The top reasons for dissatisfaction were slow speeds and unreliable connections.
  • Almost 96% of households said they would like to have improved or additional options for home internet service.

“Providing this survey data of Nacogdoches’ broadband coverage has identified the gaps that our residents face in obtaining this critical piece of infrastructure for the 21st century. We plan to share the data with broadband providers and our state and federally elected leaders so they are informed of the needs and can plan accordingly with resources to close these gaps,” said Mario Canizares, City Manager, City of Nacogdoches.

The broadband survey was conducted through the Connected Community Engagement Program which empowers local leaders and communities by providing collaborative, data-driven technology planning. The program, which is run by CN Texas’ parent company Connected Nation, has developed Technology Action Plans for more than 650 communities across the country.

Nacogdoches County’s plan maps out the work needed for improving and expanding internet in both the short term (over 6-12 months) and long term (12+ months) with a focus on these following goals:

Goal 1: Establish central leadership for broadband advancement in Nacogdoches County as a tool for economic advancement and an enhanced quality of life.

Goal 2: Achieve universal broadband access in Nacogdoches County so all residents have affordable, reliable and high-quality service.

Goal 3: Increase broadband adoption and use in Nacogdoches County to increase the County’s digital capacity.

Goal 4: Use broadband internet and related technologies to improve the health and quality of life of Nacogdoches County residents.

“Because of the pandemic, we’ve been reminded the last two years the role broadband plays in education, both for our students and our staff, particularly those who live in rural areas of East Texas,” said Erin Windham, Coordinator, Parent and Patron Assistance Center. “Having that data was critical for developing a Technology Action Plan that both identifies problem areas as well as opportunities for us to expand broadband access across the area.”

This project was funded, in partnership, by the following public and private organizations: Stephen F. Austin State University, City of Nacogdoches, County of Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches ISD, Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation, NacSpace, and Better Together, which is a community collaborative focused on improving the health and well-being of all Nacogdoches County residents. Better Together’s initiatives are funded via the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health’s Collaborative Approaches to Well-Being in Rural Communities Initiative.

You can view the entire Technology Action Plan for Nacogdoches County by heading to

Visit to learn more about CN Texas.

Jessica Denson, Communications Director
Connected Nation


About Connected Nation Texas: CN Texas is a local division of the national nonprofit Connected Nation. The nonprofit’s mission is to improve lives by providing innovative solutions that expand access to and increase the adoption and use of broadband (high-speed internet) and its related technologies for all people. Everyone belongs in a Connected Nation.