Connected Community Engagement Program

Connect My Community

Connect My Community

Every community can benefit from improving access to jobs, education, healthcare, and more. But no two communities get there in the same way.

The Connected Community Engagement program provides a way for local elected officials and community stakeholders in healthcare, education, business, and more to work together and chart a course for accelerating local access, adoption, and use of high-speed internet and related technologies.

Join the movement. Get Connected.

What We Offer Your Town, County, Region, or State

Connectedsm empowers local, collaborative, data-driven technology planning to inform intelligent, digital development by working with a local broadband team. Connected Nation’s staff identifies areas of importance, collects data, and develops a Technology Action Plan that addresses a community’s unique needs.

We provide a series of solutions that can be implemented in the short- and long-term and provide the following:
• Start-to-finish program guidance and facilitation
• Customized data-collection tools and expertise for optimizing results
• Geospatial analysis of community infrastructure that everyone can understand
• Comprehensive assessment that can be leveraged to pursue resources and funds
• Connectedsm branding and media support to promote the community’s plan development
• Membership to the “Community of Communities” for networking and best practices
• Access and insights to trends, policy and opportunities to advance action items
• Opportunity to become a Connectedsm - certified community
Join the movement. Get Connected.

Good data is a powerful tool—and we’ve got broadband and technology data from hundreds of communities across the country. 

Whether you want to explore how others are stacking up, are looking for information on the internet landscape, OR are already part of the Connected community program, we invite you to search our easy-to-use data portal now. It includes printable reports, data analysis, and more:

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Connected Success Stories

We have already helped more than 600 communities through the Connectedsm program. The following success stories and informational pieces provide examples of how this program has helped transform communities and why access is so important:


Slide “With the detailed information garnered from the program and aggregated in the Technology Action Plan, Wyandot County stakeholders now have the information to justify where efforts can be made to better enhance broadband availability and adaptability among residents and local businesses.”

~Greg Moon, Executive Director, Wyandot County Office of Economic Development, Sandusky, Ohio
Slide “We thought we’d benefit from finding out where we stood. The whole point of the certification process is to identify strengths and weaknesses. Frankly, even if you didn’t get to the certification, you would still get a blueprint for moving forward to eliminate those weaknesses.”

~Jim Erb, Mayor, Charles City, Iowa
Slide “Connected Nation is one of the easiest, hands-on, personable, helpful, and get-it-done organizations that I have ever worked with. I would encourage any community to enlist the help of Connected Nation for any of their projects.”

~ Teresa Burnett, Executive Director, Monahans Chamber of Commerce, Monahans, Texas
Slide “Companies are going to go where they know people have access to the internet and understand how to use it. It’s good for our schools, it attracts businesses, and it means our residents can stay here.”

~ Paul Griffith Executive Director of Michigan Works!

Northern New Jersey organizations receiving free hotspots, internet service

@ATT & @connectednation are continuing work to put connectivity solutions vital to education into the hands of those who need it most

Read more about it here:

ICYMI: We did it again! 6th place in the small business category for Best Places to Work in Kentucky!

And guess what? We're hiring:
#bestplacesky #ConnectedNation

San Augustine resolves to become “Broadband City”.

The San Augustine City Council recently learned the findings of a countywide broadband survey from @ConnectedCEP. As a result, the Council passed a resolution to become a Broadband City: #ConnectedNation

JUST IN: URISA Announces Board of Directors Election Slate.

Ashley Hitt, GISP, VP - GIS Services, Connected Nation, has been slated as President-Elect in the URISA 2021 Election. Way to go @AshleyHittGIS! Details here: #ConnectedNation

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For More Information, Contact:

Chris Pedersen
EVP, Development & Planning

Eric Frederick
VP, Community Affairs