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State Broadband Office Resources

Our experts can help ease the journey of your BEAD-funded broadband rollout.

Navigating BEAD

For twenty years, Connected Nation has championed broadband investment to close the Digital Divide. Now, with the most generous federal funding ever on its way through the BEAD Program, the goal is near. State broadband offices are in the driver's seat. But they have a hard road ahead. Let us help you find the way.

Challenge Process

  • Portal creation
  • Administration
  • Evidence review
  • Field Validation
  • Map analysis
  • Research services

Subgrantee Selection

  • Grant application review
  • Deconfliction
  • Subgrantee selection and outreach
  • Affordability/low-cost options
  • Solutioning for non-proposed locations
  • Applicant technical support
  • Ongoing local coordination
  • Permitting and pole attachments
  • Field validation
  • Infrastructure permitting map

Final Proposal

  • Drafting
  • Curing
  • Public comment
  • Promotion

Post-Final Proposal

  • Field validation
  • Broadband mapping
  • Research analysis
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Grants management tool
  • Grant program management
  • Workforce development and readiness