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Your Input Needed to Develop an Internet Technology Action Plan for Donley and Wheeler Counties

Donley and Wheeler Counties, TX (October 27, 2020) – The Donley & Wheeler Counties’ Joint Broadband Committee, in partnership with Connected Nation Texas (CN Texas), wants to know if you have internet access and, if so, is it powerful enough for your home or business needs.  The Committee is developing a Technology Action Plan for the entire county.

“It’s so important that as many people as possible fill out the surveys and tell us how good their access is or how bad it is,” said Sandra Childress, City Secretary, City of Howardwick, Donley County. “That way we can get a better picture of what things are like for our two counties. We can all understand how frustrating it can be to not have the access to educational and economic resources that will help our local families, businesses, and communities.”

This effort, launched August 18, will provide immediate and long-term solutions for expanding access to high-speed internet. Those who provide input will help shape how broadband across the two counties is improved and where it’s most needed. To take part head to your counties survey at the following locations:

“We must take action now to improve access to high-speed internet for everyone in our counties,” said Landon Lambert, Donley County Attorney. “All of us have experienced why this is so important—from kids having to do classroom work at home to the need for telehealth services for our most vulnerable populations—we cannot wait for someone else to come up with a plan for our communities. We need to take definitive action now and tackle the need head on.”

The broadband committee is comprised of local community leaders from various sectors. The Committee has partnered with CN Texas to leverage the nonprofit’s Connected Community Engagement Program.

“This program will be used to help develop a Technology Action Plan that’s specific to the unique needs of our area,” said Kristen Moudy, Director, Wheeler Chamber of Commerce and EDC. “We’re asking local residents, business owners, community organizations, and others to take part in surveys during this planning process so we can more effectively and correctly identify where there are challenges and opportunities for expanding broadband access to more people and businesses.”

The Connected program has developed more than 350 Technology Action Plans for communities across the country. CN Texas, thanks to funding from the Texas Rural Collaborative, is bringing the program to 23 communities across the state. The Donley and Wheeler Counties’ collaborative is the 10th one to be named since the relaunch of the state program in late 2019.

To learn more email Jennifer Harris at or visit the CN Texas website at

Jessica Denson, Communications Director
Connected Nation

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