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Wharton County and Connected Nation Texas – a partnership for broadband success

Wharton County, Texas (September 20, 2021) – Recently, Connected Nation Texas (CN Texas) presented the technology action plan developed for Wharton County. Between November 2019 and February 2021, CN Texas conducted a broadband survey to determine the availability of internet infrastructure; how its residents are adopting and using broadband services; and what steps would have the greatest impact toward improving broadband access, adoption, and use across every sector locally. The study collected responses from 372 residential households. This project, and two dozen others in the state, are possible due to funding provided by the Texas Rural Funders.

Highlights from the study include:

  • Wharton County is committed to becoming a digital ready community by focusing needed resources on connectivity.  This includes access to the internet, adoption by way of digital skills education for its residents, and use of the internet for the benefit of all residents, businesses, agriculture, K-12, and other community sectors.
  • Wharton County and its cities are researching the development and organization of a broadband liaison’s office which will handle the business of broadband and make access to information easier for the community and vendors wanting to do business in Wharton County.
  • Wharton County will build relationships with local providers looking for solutions to increase the speed of the internet for its residents.  

“Wharton County, like large portions of rural Texas, doesn’t have sufficient internet service to meet the needs of businesses and residents,” says Joshua Owens, AICP, Wharton Economic Development Corporation. “Our Connected Nation Broadband Plan allows us to see where we are and identifies a path forward to where we want to be.”

To date, the Connected Community Engagement Program has helped more than 650 communities with similar broadband challenges. CN Texas staff analyzed data and held meetings with community officials to determine specific community needs.

Wharton County leadership is engaged and committed to bringing the internet to their community,” said Pamela Waggoner, Broadband Solutions Manager for CN Texas. “By implementing actions CN Texas has provided, Wharton County is set up for success.  I look forward to continuing to work with leadership”

To view the full results of the Wharton County broadband surveys, check out:

To learn more about the Connected Community Engagement Program, visit:

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About Connected Nation Texas: CN Texas is a local division of the national nonprofit Connected Nation. Our mission is to improve lives by providing innovative solutions that expand access to and increase the adoption and use of broadband (high-speed internet) and its related technologies for all people. Everyone belongs in a Connected Nation.