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Every Week Should Be Digital Inclusion Week

Bowling Green, Kentucky (October 7, 2022) - As you’ve probably seen, this week has been Digital Inclusion Week, and Connected Nation has been highlighting some of the reasons why it is so important to close the Digital Divide, as well as ways that we have been working to help promote digital equity for all Americans.

In case you missed it, you can find ways that we have been working to raise awareness and develop solutions that will help everyone get online:

  • The Pew Research Center states that 25% of people aged 65 and over in the US do not use the Internet. The message of digital inclusion reminds us that nobody should be left behind in having the capability to use the internet to benefit them day to day.
  • “The lack of digital and literacy skills is a barrier to digital inclusion. Greater investment in education is urgently required.” said United Nations. Worldwide digital education should not be a privilege, these opportunities are the first step in digital inclusion.
  • 44% of all adults in households with incomes below $30,000 do not have broadband, according to the Pew Research Center. With virtual work, online school and other activities requiring a broadband connection, we must do everything to achieve reliable internet for all.
  • Did you know the global percentage of urban household internet access 72% nearly doubles that of rural households 38%? These numbers from the UN remind us of the importance of digital inclusion and bringing internet to all, no matter where they live.

Just because the week is ending, though, that doesn’t mean that our work is done. We will continue to work to improve lives by providing innovative solutions that expand the access, adoption, and use of broadband and its related technologies for everyone. Through digital skills training; groundbreaking research; broadband mapping that sets the industry standard; and our work with local, state, and federal policymakers to close the Digital Divide, Connected Nation will be working non-stop to improve broadband access, adoption, and usage.

This work comes at a momentous time; the Federal Digital Equity Act recently provided $2.75 billion dollars for states to promote digital equity and inclusion. Many states are now laying out plans to use that funding to help their most vulnerable residents get connected to broadband, but it is crucial to get those plans right, and that requires skills, foresight, and experience to ensure that funds are allocated efficiently and effectively. Right now, Connected Nation is working with communities across the country to identify and close the Digital Divide, and we are eager to work with yours as well.

To speak with someone from our internationally recognized team, please send us a message here or call us at (877) 846-7710. Let us see how we can help you close the Digital Divide.

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About the Author: Chris McGovern is the Director of Research Development. Chris works with Connected Nation staff and external stakeholders to develop research deliverables and provide critical analysis. He uses qualitative and quantitative techniques to interpret data, formulate reports, and make substantiated recommendations based on research findings.