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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Meet Gina Lindsey

Bowling Green, Kentucky (March 15, 2024) - Gina grew up in the small community of Anna, Kentucky, a place where she has lived, worked, and attended church all her life. She graduated from Warren East High School, where she met her high-school sweetheart. She then attended Western Kentucky University, where she took a few business and education courses in the hopes of improving her chances to get a job after high school.

Many years later, Gina returned to WKU, where she received a degree in health care information systems, an area of study she calls her “first love” due to her fondness for anatomy and medical terminology courses.

Gina came to Connected Nation through a friend who thought her past job experience would be relevant to the company. In her role as Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO, she enjoys working alongside purpose-driven folks to make a difference in the lives of other people.

The mission of Connected Nation resonates with Gina. It reminds her that she is part of an organization that is improving lives nationwide by sharing solutions to “expand the access, adoption, and use of high-speed internet and its related technologies.”

Gina has been married to her beloved husband for 47 years. Throughout their married life, they both worked full-time jobs, raised livestock and grew crops and tobacco, all while raising three kids. All their hard work came to fruition in recent years, and they are now blessed with four wonderful grandchildren. In her free time, Gina enjoys being with her family, gardening, camping and fishing, and attending church. Fun fact: she once raised Tennessee Walking Horses!

Gina believes that women play a vital role in the history of our nation. Her mother and grandmother have been large influences in her life, and she is grateful to have inherited their talented skillsets. They taught her to be a cook, seamstress, teacher, caregiver and hard worker. In fact, Gina’s mother was the first female bus driver in her hometown, a job she held for 25 years.

 If she could extend one piece of advice to women everywhere, Gina would say, “Never stop reading, learning, and encouraging.”

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