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Back to the Roots: Helping Our Home-Towns

Bowling Green, KY. (August 15, 2018) - Meet our Director of Engineering and Technical Services, Chip Spann. Spann does work nationwide for Connected Nation, but doesn’t forget to take time to serve those in his home state of Kentucky.

For the last three years, Spann has been working with five Amish families who grow organic produce in the Fleming County area. He serves as their registered agent, meaning he acts on their behalf to file proper documentation, conduct online transactions, and represent them in an electronic world.

Spann’s work doesn’t stop once the paperwork is complete. He also serves on the backend of this local supply chain. When the Amish farmers bring their produce to the grocers to sell, many times there are ‘sort-outs’, or products that are of high enough quality to eat, but not to sell. This is where Spann steps in.

“In 2015, I began contacting food banks in Kentucky and Ohio, senior citizen centers, women’s crisis centers and Community Action Programs and arranged for the delivery and donation of this excess produce,” said Spann.

According to Spann, produce deliveries are typically made once per week during peak growing seasons and then slow down to every other week as the fall season approaches. During July alone, Spann took approximately 600lbs of produce to places like the Licking Valley Community Action Program and Fleming County Senior Center.