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Connected Nation Staff Takes Part in State Broadband Leaders Summit

Washington, DC (March 4, 2020) - Last month Connected Nation staff members Eric Frederick, VP Community Affairs, Tina Lyden, Ohio State Director, and Jennifer Harris, Texas State Director, attended the State Broadband Leaders Summit in Washington DC. They exchanged ideas with leaders from other states and attended the unveiling of Pew’s Promising Practices report on broadband activities at the state level. 

Snlb 300x222 Attendees of the State Broadband Leaders Summit held in February 2020

The State Broadband Leaders Summit is a popular event held by the State Broadband Leaders Network (SBLN). The National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s BroadbandUSA program convenes and facilitates the SBLN. The network participants share priorities, best practices, and discuss emerging telecommunications policy issues. SBLN also provides a forum to strengthen policy and program connections among states, local jurisdiction, and federal agencies.

Because every state and territory approaches broadband access and deployment differently, a variety of state level offices participate in the summit. Participants are usually part of a dedicated broadband office in their state or territory or have broadband identified as a specific responsibility within their agency or department. Michigan, Ohio, and Texas were represented by Connected Nation staff.

During the summit, Harris presented on the role philanthropy is playing in broadband access, adoption, and use along with Bernadine Joselyn from the Blandin Foundation.

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