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Broadband Service Provider Profile: Hill Country Wireless Turns to Fixed Wireless to Serve the Unserved

Published by telecompetitor on June 11, 2019

By Joan Engebretson 

When Ginger and David McCullough moved from a cattle ranch near Amarillo, Texas to the Texas Hill Country, they were astonished to learn that the only internet connectivity available to them was dialup. As they explained in an interview with Telecompetitor, that’s how they got into the business of providing fixed wireless broadband, founding Hill Country Wireless & Technology several years ago.

Today they have about 350 customers, including local non-profits such as schools and churches that get Hill Country E1560195053912 300x146connectivity at no charge.

“We believe in giving back to our community,” commented David, who also volunteers at the local library to troubleshoot computer problems. “This is our way of giving back.”

Hill Country Wireless
Hill Country Wireless offers fixed wireless service at speeds between 5 Mbps, priced at $55 monthly, and 100 Mbps, priced at $195 monthly. The most popular speeds are 15 Mbps, followed by 25 Mbps.

The company offers several different fixed wireless broadband options, enabling it to provide service to meet virtually any customer’s needs, David noted.

“We set out very strategically to say, ‘We have to serve every customer, not just [those with a] clear line of sight,” he said.

The company uses a mixture of licensed and unlicensed spectrum, delivering service from access points primarily mounted on its own towers. Occasionally the company can’t reach a customer from its network. But it still doesn’t have to turn people away. For those customers, the company offers a fixed service that works over mobile LTE networks.

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