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How Connected Nation Ohio is Working to Bring Better Broadband Access to the Buckeye State

Columbus, OH (September 18, 2019) - Over the past couple years, rural areas of Ohio have struggled to keep a good broadband connection. Connected Nation Ohio has been working to change that. On Tuesday Sept. 17, Chris McGovern, Connected Nation’s Director of Research Development, did an interview with the WOSU “All Sides” radio show with Ann Fisher. During this interview, Fisher and McGovern discussed what exactly CN Ohio is doing to make a change.

Currently, 2.4 million Ohioans lack access to high-speed broadband internet. So why is Ohio lagging behind? “People who are not able to get broadband are mainly in rural areas, and providers do not have enough financial incentive to connect most of these rural areas since the population is generally lower,” said 303a Ohio Full Pos 300x250McGovern.

Connected Nation Ohio is taking the necessary steps to change the metric.

To find who exactly needs better connection, CN Ohio has devised a survey to better identify those individuals. You can take the survey online at

“We're asking about how people are using broadband when they have it — to talk to your healthcare provider, using it to shop, or interacting with your government officials. There are more and more services that are only online,” said McGovern. “We want to talk to people about how they are using those services and if they are satisfied.”

During the interview, Fisher asked what states can be doing to help keep residents connected.

“Several states are taking steps to make it easier for providers to lay out the infrastructure that is necessary and support low- cost broadband programs,” said McGovern. “At the state and federal level, there are grants being offered that will help make it more affordable to build broadband out to these more remote areas.”

By providing better broadband access to the entire state, it will improve development for more Ohio residents and businesses. “There have been studies that have linked broadband access to higher home values, higher high school graduation rates, and many more benefits for residents and organizations.”

Connected Nation Ohio is creating better economic and life opportunities by expanding access, adoption, and use of broadband for the entire state.

To learn more about Connected Nation Ohio view our website here

Listen to the full WOSU “All Sides” with Ann Fisher interview here