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VIDEO: Nebraska Rancher on Why Broadband Matters to Rural America

Honest Beef is a family-owned beef business located in the Sandhills of Nebraska. RFD-TV recently talked with owner Hannah Raudsepp about broadband's (high-speed internet) impact on farmers and ranchers across the country.

The station is focused on issues that impact the "rural and Western lifestyle" with a mission of connecting "city with country."

"Having [internet] access is so important for us because we heavily rely on social media and email marketing to tell the story of our ranch," Raudsepp told RFD-TV. "So, really what we're selling is the the story of our family and our ranch."

Watch the below video and learn why Raudsepp believes it's so important for farmers and ranchers to be able to tell their own stories - and how it impacts what we all eat.

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