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Connecting Michigan Communities — Digital Leaders

Bowling Green, KY (April 14, 2021) – Access to broadband (high-speed internet) is more important now than ever. That’s why Connected Nation Michigan (CN Michigan) is hosting a series of webinars called “Connecting Michigan Communities” to highlight critical broadband needs and technology-related topics. 

The CN Michigan team held their ninth webinar discussing Digital Leaders in Michigan on Tuesday, April 13. Panelists included Wes Kerr, Director, Community Solutions, Connected Nation; Dan Manning, Community Technology Advisor, Connected Nation. 

During this webinar, the panelist discussed the importance of developing digital leaders within your community.

"A strong digital leader has a passion for broadband and what it can do to help people,” said Manning. “They also have to have patience because rural connectivity does not come overnight."

"Finding leaders who understand that adoption and use of broadband is a big issue is very important. They need to understand how broadband works and how to use that technology themselves." said Kerr. “Seeking out those who do not recognize themselves as leaders but are engaged in technology can become some of the greatest to work in this industry." 

To learn more about this webinar series, head over to the page: Webinars – Connecting Michigan Communities