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2021 Will Bring Broadband to Rural Counties In Delaware

Published by Inside Towers on June 4, 2019

On May 30, officials from the state of Delaware signed a deal with Bloosurf to expand rural broadband to 127,000 rural homes and businesses, reported Government Technology.

According to Delaware Chief Information Officer James Collins, “The [Governor’s] Administration has made it a priority to bridge both the accessibility and affordability gaps of high-speed broadband to ensure that all Delawareans benefit from the unprecedented access to information and collaboration technology affords.”

The three-stage project — consisting of a fiber backbone, a wireless rural broadband pilot and the overall Bloosurf 300x122expansion — will cost the state $2 million to add routers, 14 towers plus new fiber lines to eliminate “deserts” in both Kent and Sussex counties. The state will control ownership of the routers for seven years, according to the deal. 

Bloosurf founder and CEO Vincent Sabathier said he expects his company to reach 84 percent of residents and businesses outlined in the agreement. He also noted that the new service would be affordable to low-income families.

Project completion is slated for sometime in 2021, reported Government Technology.

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