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International Day of the Girl Child

(October 11, 2017) - Today we recognize the International Day of the Girl Child. This recognition began in 2011 as a result of global advocacy and as a way of recognizing the unique challenges that girls around the globe face. We join the world in helping to empower girls so they can achieve their goals.

According to the United Nations, this year marks the beginning of efforts to bring attention to challenges faced by girls during and after crises that lead to economic and social strife—a time when girls are often vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation.

We, as advocates for technology, have an important role to play in ensuring that girls have access to STEM education and technology resources that offer them opportunities to advance, overcome challenges, and help to rebuild their communities and create a better future for all.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) only 39% of countries provide girls with equal access to education. Additionally, despite all international and national efforts, over half of children out of school around the world are girls.

Notwithstanding cultural, political, and social challenges, technology has the power to transcend these factors in the United States and across the world. It has the power to connect, build, educate, and foster the revitalization of communities. We also recognize our responsibility in ensuring that these technologies must come with necessary tools to protect children from exploitation via technology.

So let today be a reminder for us and our public and private partners that we all have work to do to continue to make a mark both domestically and internationally. We at Connected Nation are committed to the idea that everyone belongs in a connected nation, and indeed a connected world—a technology-empowered world where everyone has a shot at success.