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USDA Rural Development Announces Funding for Connected Nation Digital Works Training Program

Bowling Green, Ky (November 6, 2020) - USDA Rural Development of Kentucky announced funding to enhance career mentoring as well as job training in rural communities through the Digital Works program. Kentucky State Director for USDA Rural Development Hilda Legg spoke with RFD-TV about how this initiative will support veterans and military spouses across Kentucky. 

“Our country owes so much to our military families for the sacrifices they make,” said Legg. “Connected Nation, through their Digital Works program, has been leading the way to help train these people in digital literacy and finding remote jobs.” 

This grant of around $85,000 will provide a year’s worth of funding to expand the Digital Works program. The funding will be used for digital training and job placement assistance, including career-readiness training, for military spouses, veterans, and military families in Kentucky.

“Connected Nation is really ahead of the curve — they actually began to do what we call Digital Works enrollment,” said Legg. “It is a training process over a four-week term that helps them find remote jobs, update their résumé, how to write a résumé, and school them through the job search process.”

To see if you qualify for Digital Works, head over to digitalworksjobs.organd click on “Who We Help.”

Watch the full interview with RFD by clicking the video below: