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How Connected Nation is tackling the high rates of unemployment among military spouses and veterans

Frankfort, KY (June 16, 2021) - The nation’s military spouses face some of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Recognizing the need to take action Connected Nation (CN), through its Digital Works (DW) program has been  working to change that. 

This afternoon, CN Chairman & CEO, Tom Ferree, along with Executive Vice President of Planning and Development, Chris Pedersen, spoke on the issue during the Interim Joint Committee meeting on Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection in Frankfort, Kentucky.

During the meeting, Ferree and Pedersen explained the effective approach  the program takes  to support military spouses and veterans. 

This One

“Through our Digital Works program, we are investing in the training and placement of today’s digitally remote workforce,” said Ferree. “Along with our 70 plus nation-wide employer partners, our wonderful and dedicated staff, we train, place and mentor individuals so that opportunity is available to anyone that would seek it, irrespective of their geography, or the uniqueness of their employment requirements or personal constraints.”

Telework jobs—or what’s also referred to as remote positions—are especially important to those living in our country’s remote and rural areas where employment options are often limited. Areas, incidentally, where many of our country’s military installations and communities exist.

“Spouses, veterans and family members, even during times of low employment, have for too long suffered crushing unemployment rates and wage disparity compared to their civilian counterparts,” said Ferree. “We are honored to have Digital Works begin to level that playing field, adding to the security of military families and thereby improving the force readiness of our brave men and women.”

Colonel Blaine Hedges, who has long championed the DW program, joined the meeting remotely to explain why it is so critical.

“The statistics with military spouse employment is simply appalling, and I have personally witnessed the impacts over the past 28 years in my military career, I lived it with my spouse and continue to see it today,” said Hedges. “Your support is critical at this time as Kentucky funding is running out for the Digital Works program.”

To learn more about the hearing, you can watch the full video below. Also, head over to to get more details on the Digital Works program and find out what it can do for you or someone you know who may need help.