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Why the FCC's new National Broadband Map is important to your community

Louisville, Ky. and Nashville, Tenn. (November 30, 2022) - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the updated National Broadband Map on Friday, November 18. This map is critical for determining how much each state receives of federal funding for expanding broadband access to unserved and underserved communities.

Tom Ferree, Chairman & CEO, Connected Nation, recently spoke with RFD-TV, a national rural affairs television network based in Nashville, about what each community and state should be doing now to ensure it receives the funding needed to improve and build out infrastructure.

"What's monumental about this national map is this first cut where the data is actually driven down to the structure," said Ferree. "So, were going to very soon be able to determine which businesses and which residential locations are serviceable or not serviceable and that's a degree of granularity, that frankly, we have just never had so this is monumental for the country and to get broadband out to rural areas and the challenge areas and in between."

Watch the full interview below to find out what your state and community leaders should be doing now to help improve the map and ensure funds are distributed in a way that helps reach more Americans with little or no broadband access.

To see the new National Broadband Map and provide feedback head to this link: