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Why rural internet programs bring new opportunities for remote workers and businesses

By Macy Bayern, Tech Republic

(September 14, 2018) - Microsoft and Network Business Systems plan to bring broadband internet to rural areas of Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota.

On Thursday, Microsoft and Network Business Systems announced plans to bring broadband internet access to rural communities in Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota, bringing connectivity to approximately 126,700 unserved people, according to a press release.

This connectivity partnership addresses a serious need, as 36% of people in rural Illinois, 22% of those in Iowa, and 25% of those in South Dakota currently live without internet access, said the release.

Microsoft's partnership with Network Business Systems contributes to the Airband Initiative, Microsoft's mission to provide broadband access to 2 million unserved people in rural US areas by July 2022. Network Business Systems will build and implement a wireless internet network system that is able to extend over long distances and various types of terrain, said the release.

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