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Why having access to broadband and other tech is now a MUST HAVE for America's farmers and ranchers

Sidney and Philo, Illinois - When you think of farming or ranching—the words “technology” or “broadband access” probably aren’t the first ones that come mind.

"When you talk about farmers in particular. I think there’s an oversimplification of what that sector involves. We have a large history as a nation to be an agrarian nation, but that sector in particular has really evolved to adopt technology," said Tom Ferree, Chairman & CEO, Connected Nation.

In fact—you might call farmers America’s “original innovators.”

"Farmers have learned how to innovate from day one," said Dennis Riggs, Farmer, Champaign County, Illinois.

Watch the below video and learn more about the ways farmers and ranchers are innovating and why it's critical to the future of America's agricultural industry.