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Louisville, Ky. (May 16, 2018) – “In order to efficiently expand broadband access to impact digital inclusion, it’s essential that more accurate and granular broadband data be available to assist communities that are lacking service” said Ashley Hitt, GIS Director of Connected Nation, recently during an interview with RFD-TV.

Hitt was invited to speak about Connected Nation’s (CN) GIS mapping, specifically in relation to rural broadband access, as part of Digital Inclusion Week, which took place May 7-11, 2018.

Connected Nation believes that mapping is important for rural areas because it is how we can identify gaps that create the digital divide for broadband access (high-speed internet). Hitt explained that creating a better map is the first step to ensuring all families and businesses receive the access to the goods, services, and opportunities they deserve.

“The goal of digital inclusion for all will not be reached until the communities lacking broadband are properly mapped and solutions to get them connected are identified,” she said. “The digital divide just can’t be closed without broadband mapping and accurate data on where that divide truly exists.”

To learn what we can all do to include more people in a digital world, watch the full video below.