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VIDEO: We Must Examine What It Means to be Digitally Excluded

Lexington, KY. (May 23, 3018) - Although Digital Inclusion Week is over, digital exclusion is still ongoing for many people without broadband, or high-speed internet, access. Heather Gate, Director of Digital Inclusion at Connected Nation, spoke with RDF-TV about the perils of digital exclusion and the steps Connected Nation takes to pursue inclusion.

“The issue with exclusion is that people are not able to participate in this new digital economy,” said Gate. She went on to point out the extreme difficulties that people of all ages face when they are disconnected. “Employers offer jobs and opportunities online. Schools are relying on students to be able to use internet at home in order to be able to do homework. Brick-and-mortar retailers are closing their doors and offering services online only.” Those without access are at a disadvantage.

Through her role as Director of Digital Inclusion, Gate helps to develop and implement programs in areas that have been trapped in the digital divide. She oversees projects to identify problems and researches funding opportunities.

To learn more about digital exclusion and Connected Nation’s work towards inclusion, watch the full interview below: