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VIDEO: Named the Top State in America, How Iowa Can Keep the Honor

Iowa City, IA. (May 22, 2018) - What does Iowa, the Best State according to U.S. News & World Report, have that outranks any other state? You may be surprised to learn that Iowa has the best infrastructure in the nation. This includes the best ‘Ultra-Fast Internet Access’ and fifth best ‘Broadband Access.’

Connected Nation employee, David Daack, spoke with RDF-TV about the ranking, as well the future of Iowa. Daack is a Community Technology Advisor for Connected Nation, and also serves as the Executive Director of Connect Iowa. In these roles, Daack brings together community leaders, educators, healthcare providers, and other sector representatives to participate in local technology planning.

“Through the use of broadband, people in rural America can do business with anyone, anywhere at any time,” said Daack. He continued to say, “There is no area of our lives that is not impacted by broadband.”

View the full interview below to learn more about the importance of broadband internet access and the successes of Iowa: