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VIDEO: Mapping is Key When Identifying the Digital Divide

Washington, DC. (May 30, 2018) - On the heels of Digital Inclusion Week, some may wonder what is happening in Washington, D.C. to reach those that have been excluded from broadband (high-speed internet) access. Brent Legg, Vice President of Government Affairs for Connected Nation, spoke with RFD-TV about issues that arise when lawmakers have access to little or inaccurate data.

“Unfortunately, many of the areas that still lack quality broadband access are our rural areas across the country,” said Legg.

He explained in detail how current mapping strategies are failing our rural areas and placing them at a disadvantage. One big issue is how research areas are grouped. They are placed into large census blocks, which are noted as having full coverage even if only one person is connected to the internet.

“We believe we have come up with a solution to actually improve data collection. We are working on a bill in Congress that would make it possible for the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] to collect more granular data,” said Legg, referring to Connected Nation’s mapping and research work.

Legg leads the Connected Nation Public Policy team and helps to create strategies to increase government interest in internet connectivity and access. Learn more about the issues that the federal government is facing when it comes to gathering more accurate broadband data and research in the full interview below: