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VIDEO: Engaging Communities in Their Broadband Future

Bowling Green, KY. (November 14, 2018) - Digital inclusion means going beyond connecting to the internet or posting photos on Facebook. It means improving quality of life through technology.

Connected Nation VP of Community Affairs, Eric Frederick, sat down with RFD-TV during Digital Inclusion Week (October 15- 21) to discuss why digital inclusion and broadband are important to all communities.

"Digital inclusion is the idea that everyone deserves access to and the ability to use an internet connection to improve their quality of life,” said Frederick. “That’s absolutely critical here in the U.S. and abroad for accessing educational opportunities, health care services, and government services online.”

To help keep people connected and able to access broadband internet, Connected Nation has implemented the Connected Community Engagement Program.

“The program works with rural communities to help engage and empower a team of local stakeholders to really take charge of their broadband landscape,” said Frederick. “We also help them identity gaps and service charges, introduce them to resources, and address challenges of affordability.”

To learn more about how the Connected Community Engagement Program can help you, watch the full video below.