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VIDEO: Connected: Empowering Communities Through Digital Inclusion

Grand Rapids, MI. (May 23, 2018) – Digital Inclusion is a way for people to improve their quality of life through technology. For example, if we did not have Digital Inclusion, students would not be able to do homework and people would not be able to apply for jobs, or stay connected with one another on social media.

Connected Nation’s staff sat down with RFD-TV during Digital Inclusion Week (May 7-11) to discuss what can be done. One answer – The Connected Program. Eric Frederick, Connected Nation's VP of Community Affairs, goes into detail about what the Connected Community Engagement Program is all about.

“The Connected Program really helps the community come together around the subject of broadband. We bring together all of the important stakeholders in the community that have a stake in broadband,” said Frederick.

The program then assesses that community and finds the gaps in every aspect of broadband coverage and adoption, culminating in the development of a technology action plan. Connected Nation is currently working with the state of Michigan to create a broadband road map to improve Digital Inclusion efforts.

To learn more about how the Connected Community Engagement Program can help you, watch the full video below.