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VIDEO: Addressing the Need for Internet Access in Rural America

Washington, DC (November 4, 2020) – Connected Nation (CN) was recently invited by RFD-TV to address the issue of access to internet in rural areas after one viewer sent in the following comment:

“My concern is the internet in rural areas. Children facing this COVID-19 crisis, families working from home…internet in the rural area really, really needs to be addressed.   Hopefully, somebody can make that happen.”

Connected Nation spoke with RFD-TV about the issue a few days before the election.

“A significant number of rural areas do not have access they need and that’s the problem we at Connected Nation are trying to solve,” said Brent Legg, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, CN. “Without good broadband kids can’t learn from home, families can’t see their doctors, people in this Covid-19 situation can’t work from home. Broadband is just as important to rural areas, we feel, as roads and bridges. It really is the digital highway to homes across America, and we are starting to see a significant amount of interest among policymakers to solve that challenge.”

RFD-TV, a broadcast group that focuses on rural affairs issues across the country, examined the need for better internet access and other issues impacting rural areas in advance of the November Presidential election.

Click the video below to watch Legg’s full interview with RFD-TV and learn more about what’s being done to close the Digital Divide in rural America.