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Upton County, Texas Launches Broadband Initiative to Connect Homes, Businesses

The Upton County Broadband Committee is partnering with Connected Nation’s Connected Community Engagement Program (Connectedsm) to come up with a plan to improve access to broadband (high-speed internet) in the county. The initial step to developing a comprehensive, countywide plan will consist of a short survey for residents, businesses, agriculture producers, healthcare facilities, and schools. This is an effort to reassess the broadband landscape following a decade of work.

“Our hope is to determine the level of our community’s technology and learn how to improve it,” Alicia Sanchez, Executive Director of McCamey Economic Development Corporation, said. “That information will then be used to determine ways to further our growth through better internet connections in support of our local businesses and residents.”

Participation in the online survey ( will help the committee better understand the status of broadband in Upton County. After a structured evaluation, the Upton County Broadband Committee and Connected staff will develop a Technology Action Plan focused on effectively and efficiently improving Upton County’s high-speed internet environment for families, businesses, and more.

“Getting everyone’s input—from parents and educators to businesses and the agricultural community—is key in helping us develop a Technology Action Plan that meets the unique needs of Upton County,” Tom Stephenson, Community Technology Advisor for Connected Nation, said. “The more input we get, the better we can identify ways to create access, adoption, and use of broadband for everyone in Upton County.”

To take the survey head to:

Connected Nation Contact: Tom Stephenson
Phone number: 248-376-4046

Local Contact: Alicia Sanchez, Executive Director
McCamey Economic Development Corporation
Phone number: 432-652-8008