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The World's Fastest Internet in Detroit, Michigan

Known as the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan is historically acclaimed for its automotive innovations. Though an important part of Detroit's history, automotive enterprises are becoming more tech-focused to diversify and remain a key part of the city's future. Detroit is reinventing itself, reaching forward to become the capital of Midwest enterprise and technology. To aid Detroit in this mission, Detroit-based Internet service provider Rocket Fiber is bringing in a critical business asset: fiber Internet.

Internet through fiber optic cables is also known as gigabit Internet for its ability to supply download speeds as fast as one gigabit (1,000 megabits). Rocket Fiber supplies the world's fastest Internet: 10 gigabits, paralleled by only a handful of cities around the world. The best speeds over phone lines or cable lines, which most households use, are typically between 10 and 100 megabits per second. This equates to a movie download that takes anywhere between five and 40 minutes, while fiber Internet will download it in seconds.

The Motor City was a natural launching point for Rocket Fiber. “We believe that Detroit is going to be a technology hub in the future. Going forward, we think there's going to be a lot more development in this area,” said Marc Hudson, CEO and co-founder of Rocket Fiber. “We look at Rocket Fiber as even more positive momentum to downtown Detroit’s increasingly vibrant technology hub.”

As of November 2015, Rocket Fiber became available in the Capitol Park neighborhood of downtown Detroit, serving both commercial and residential clients. Laying completely new fiber optic channels throughout the downtown area, Rocket Fiber has built a new network to support businesses and communities.

“We view Rocket Fiber as a tremendous tool for economic development,” said Hudson. “This has been seen in other cities where fiber has been deployed.” Chattanooga, Tennessee is one example of redevelopment through broadband. When the city installed a 10 gigabit fiber network, some areas of the city were redeveloped and new businesses moved in, rebranding the city as “a playground for pioneers.” The innovation helped to spur a 500 percent increase in venture capital investment in five years, and paved the entryway for an distribution center and Volkswagen manufacturing center. Access to fiber Internet is a vital consideration for new technology businesses and other businesses using technology as a competitive edge.

Rocket Fiber seeks to transcend not only broadband speeds, but also offer better client service. The company seeks to provide a positive user experience, with client service that is responsive and responsible to their customers. “The Internet service industry as a whole is broken,” said Hudson. “It ranks dead last across all major industries in terms of customer satisfaction. We want to reinvent the client experience—reinvent the way people are treated by their Internet service provider.”

As Rocket Fiber looks to expand, it is asking residents to show their interest. Residents can go online to, pinpoint where they live or work, and express their interest in gigabit Internet. To gain the interest and trust of Detroit, and show how fiber Internet can improve residents' lives and businesses, Rocket Fiber is networking straight to communities. “We want to engage directly with the public and educate them on why gigabit Internet is important.”

To learn more about what fiber Internet is, where Rocket Fiber is going and what is next for Detroit, follow Rocket Fiber on Twitter @RocketFiber and Facebook or put your home or business on the gigabit map at