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The New Digital Age Makes Applying to Colleges Easier Than You Think

Bowling Green, KY. (March 12, 2019) – In today’s society, you can do almost anything online: communicate with long-distance family members, order groceries, and even apply for college.

High school students use it to research colleges as early early as their freshman year. Almost every college and university has a website with resources for potential students - a sign of just how important it is to have access.

Students who can’t access those resources will find themselves behind their classmates.

As a college student myself, I've experienced the importance of digital access first hand. While researching what major would be a good fit and what kind of career I wanted, the internet helped narrow down the best pick for me.

Dr. Angie Jerome, undergraduate academic program coordinator at Western Kentucky University said, “I think having access to the internet is key. Quick Google searches for majors and programs will deliver numerous results, many from colleges a student may not be aware exist. It has made it so much easier, if they have access. Just about any information they will need is just a few clicks away.”

Along with researching potential schools, now most colleges require online applications. If you want to apply for classes, financial aid, or housing, it is more than likely to be done online these days.

“The switch to online applications at WKU happened in 2006,” said Jerome. “So much of the information a student will need to apply for college is only accessed on the internet."

Online applications have made it tough for people who do not have high-speed internet, making it important for all students to have access to broadband.

Here at Connected Nation, it is our mission to improve lives by providing innovative solutions that expand the access, adoption, and use of high-speed internet and its related technologies to all people, including incoming college students.

You can help bridge to the Digital Divide for college students by raising awareness and visiting our site at

Mccoy Lily 5 9 18 240x300About the Author: Lily provides support to the Communications Department through social media outreach and writing. She also adds a source of creativity to the team with a background in personal relations and marketing. Lily is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in corporate and organizational communications from Western Kentucky University.