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The Future of Mobile Michigan

Mobile and wireless technology is quickly shaping the future of broadband applications, whether it's a pioneering innovation like a self-driving car, or something as simple as synchronizing your alarm clock and your coffee maker. Seeing the need and growing demand for mobile applications, Michigan is taking part in this cutting-edge field and becoming a leader in mobile technology.

Mobile and wireless technologies encompass a vast range of jobs throughout dozens of diverse industries. Though smartphones, tablets, and the software that supports them are a significant part of mobile tech, its evolution far exceeds phones and computers. This $2 trillion industry is growing fast in nearly every industry across the nation and around the world. Michigan is poised to rise to the top of preferred destinations for mobile development.

“Michigan is one of the leaders in the country working with mobile technologies and doing things on a national and global scale,” said Linda Daichendt, Executive Director of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM). “There is a lot of expertise here, a lot of knowledge here—you don't have to go to California to find it.”

MTAM is the only state-focused mobile trade association in the nation. With over 3,000 members across four chapters, MTAM gives Michigan businesses, educators, students, mobile developers, governments, and many others a rallying point around which to locally share information, expertise, and opportunities in mobile and wireless technology. MTAM has monitored the industry closely for six years, watching mobile tech exceed automobile manufacturing as Michigan's job-maker. A 2015 study through MTAM and the Michigan Economic Development Council showed mobile and wireless jobs create 6.54 new jobs through economic stimulus, compared to 5.92 in the automotive sector. These two industries are set to collide with the advent of connected cars, with 10 million expected on the road by 2020, accompanied by a market for related products worth an estimated $53 billion by the year 2018.

With the Internet of Things—connected devices beyond phones and computers—growing, Daichendt anticipates more reliance on mobile development and data utilization in the future. “Everything is going to be connected to everything else. Technology is going to change the way we do business and the way we live our lives.” This includes opportunities—and threats—for large and small businesses alike.

“If you are a business owner and you are not already looking into ways in which you can be using some form of mobile or wireless technology to provide better service for your customers or improve your business, you're going to be left behind,” said Daichendt.

MTAM has Mobile Monday events that are open to members and non-members to learn more about the industry and related applications. To learn more visit