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The Atlantic Forum: Bringing Broadband and Technology to Students

Columbus, Oh. (October 16, 2017) - On Monday, October 16, Executive Director of Connect Ohio, Stu Johnson, arrived in Columbus, Ohio at The Columbus Museum of Art to speak about the need for technology in education and the process to get digital tools into the hands of all students. Leading broadband policymakers, educators, and innovators gathered for the forum hosted by The Atlantic, Johnson joined a panel with the CEO of the Cleveland Foundation and an educator from Monroe County.

Johnson and the other panelists were directed into the green room to set up their mics and prepare for the conversation. Nearly 200 attendees waited in the audience for the panel to begin. Most attendees were personally invited because of their involvement with broadband initiatives, including Columbus Mayor, Andrew Ginther, and Ohio Board of Education members. All were eager to hear the process of bringing broadband connection and technology into schools to benefit student careers.

“There are two problems . . . if students don’t have access to broadband, they can’t have adoption and parents may not be able to afford broadband even if it is available,” said Johnson. “Overall, we’re doing well as a state for getting facilities connected, but blended learning becomes impossible when there’s a limited number of school facilities with limited hours of operation for students to connect to the internet.”

Johnson noted that the state needs to consider a comprehensive approach to residential and commercial broadband. The state’s priority focus should be on students and their future. More specifically, the educational and digital skill development children need to reach their potential. After all, learning these skills can only be provided through broadband and having the technology to practice.

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