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Teleworking: Prosper, TX - Households

Teleworking, or telecommuting, refers to working outside of the conventional workplace and communicating with it by way of telecommunications or computer-based technology. Further, telework is a form of organizing and/or performing work, where work, which could also be performed at the employer’s premises, is carried out away from those premises. Teleworking is a spatially flexible work style that typically also involves greater flexibility in one’s daily routine. Teleworkers typically have higher incomes and higher rates of advanced degree attainment. While traditional teleworkers are often thought of as those in management occupations or professional service industries, recently, technology has enabled new opportunities for teleworkers across the occupational and industry sector spectrum.
Teleworkers often do not register on typical measures of economic or workforce activity. Economic development strategies traditionally involve the attraction or retention of employers. While this is a critical part of growing a local economy, telework represents an opportunity to attract or retain employees even though their employer may not be located within the community, but only if those employees have access to advanced broadband infrastructure. The charts above show the percent of residents in the community that telework compared to residents of other Connected communities. The chart below shows how frequently residents of the community telework.