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Student Devices: Lauderdale County, AL - K-12

Many schools across the country are putting advanced computing power into the hands of every student. From tablets to laptops, Android to Apple, schools are examining opportunities for leveraging technology to expand opportunities for learning within and outside the classroom. One-to-one device programs allow all students to have equal and individual access to technology, content, and resources; however, in communities without one-to-one device initiatives, technology is often shared in labs or individual classrooms among all students. This chart shows the current state of one-to-one device programs across schools in the community compared to schools in other Connected communities. In order to examine student device access across communities, this chart below examines the overall ratio of devices to students, (including those as part of a 1:1 program and those in labs, classrooms, and elsewhere). The device-to-student ratio is calculated by collecting the total number of devices (e.g., laptops, desktops, or tablets), and students from schools responding to the K-12 Survey. Data is only representative of schools who provided a count of both students and devices. The average device-to-student ratio is also presented for K-12 schools located in other Connected communities.