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Solutions: Workforce - STEM+C Opportunities

Create Programs Focused on Improving STEM+C Opportunities

GOAL: Increase STEM education so that students become critical thinkers and gain deeper understanding and interest in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and computing.

DESCRIPTION: Programs developed through local resources that expose and encourage local k-12 and higher education students in pusuing STEM+C positions can and are critical to the continued reinvestment in the local community. These programs help develop the desire and further expand the understanding of what types of jobs and opportunities already exist at the local level, and further develop the ideas of what students may want to pursue as career opportunities in the future.


Develop a committee of STEM related stakeholders

Coordinate with local educators and education related resources to identify what STEM curriculum is currently being taught.

Identify technologies and skills, that are and will be in demand and find ways to introduce students to them, through hands on learning and potential site visits where these technologies and skills are employed.

Seek ways to engage business and industry partners in the educational process, through presentations, mentorships, and one-on-one learning opportunities.


Businesses; Business/Community organizations, (e.g., chambers of commerce, economic development corporations, associations, etc.); Social service organizations; K-12 institutions; Community colleges


Educate to Innovate:


STEM Education Coalition:

STEM Mentoring Program:

Launching Rockets and Igniting Interest in STEAM: