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Solutions: Libraries and Orgs. - Online Resources

Improve the Online Presence of Libraries and Build Community Awareness of Online Resources

GOAL: Robust online presence for libraries in the community and greater use of those resources by residents and businesses.

DESCRIPTION: Libraries provide vital access to information, resources, and digital tools.

While libraries offer a physical space to access information and resources, a robust online presence for libraries can also benefit residents who may not regularly visit library locations.

This project aims to improve the online presence and digital resources of the community's libraries and build awareness and use of those resources by residents and businesses.


Assess the current state of digital resources, social media, and community awareness of digital resources among all libraries in the community. Much of this has been completed through the Connected assessment and can be found in the Use-Libraries and Community Organizations section.

Develop a strategy for improving the offering of digital resources and the online presence of libraries. Improving the online presence of libraries could include more frequent use of social media, electronic distribution of library surveys, development of instructional videos for upload to YouTube, livestreaming of library events using platforms such as Meerkat and Periscope, hosting webinars with authors or others in which the community can participate, etc.

Develop a strategy for building the awareness for the library's digital presence. Work with community partners to spread the word about the library and the various ways they can digitally interact. Develop outreach materials that reach critical groups in the community such as families with children, senior citizens, low-income residents, and others.


Libraries and library co-ops (if applicable); Schools; Non-profit organizations; Local and county governments; Social service providers and agencies


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