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Solutions: K-12 - Web-Enabled Curriculum

Explore Web-Enabled Formats for Course Delivery

GOAL: Increase the use of web-enabled curriculum in K-12 education to provide additional learning opportunities for students.

DESCRIPTION: Online content and web-enabled course delivery can provide opportunities for learning beyond the traditional face-to-face course format found in many K-12 institutions.

While much research is still be conducted on the effectiveness and best practices for incorporating web-enabled formats and content delivery into K-12 curriculum, the community should explore ways that online delivery might benefit students.

This project aims to find ways in which K-12 schools in the community could expand learning opportunities through digital and online means.


Gather a team of K-12 teachers and administrators to explore the topic. A small group of teachers and administrators interested in the topic could serve as researchers and advisors to study the opportunities and make recommendations. Students and parents could also be included in this group to provide feedback and perspective.

Inventory current efforts. The group should work with teachers and administrators to inventory the current ways in which digital content and web-enabled course facilitation are currently being conducted in the K-12 environment. Some of this inventory has been completed as part of this planning effort.

Research new opportunities. Following the inventory, the group should research opportunities for expanding existing web-enabled content and implementing new facilitation styles into curriculum delivery. The group should work closely with experts in this field to include public and private entities, as well as the state department of education.

Report and recommendations. Finally, the group should prepare a summary report of the current state, research, and recommendations to school administrators and staff. This report will provide a foundation for then implementing new web-enabled content and delivery for the schools.


Schools, including teachers, administrators, and students; Parent-teacher organizations


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