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Solutions: K-12 - Professional Development

Offer Professional Development Programs for Teachers on Classroom Applications

GOAL: Ensure that educators have the skills needed to integrate technology into the classroom.

DESCRIPTION: Provide professional development and opportunities for staff to gain skill in integrating technology into all content areas and utilizing technology for instruction.  To ensure proper training is being offered, technology standards should be created to guide professional development and should provide guidance on strategies and content appropriate for developing skills and proficiency in utilizing instructional technology at all levels.  Instruction starts with keyboarding and online academic resources beginning in primary levels through increasing complex skill development and projects and research through graduation.

In addition, school administrators should be encouraged to provide support for the development of a web-based professional development and administrative support program for educators. eTech Ohio, for example, “serves as a one-stop shop for providing planning, support, and information about grants, subsidies, and professional development, as well as teaching, learning, and technology integration.” The program also supplies resources for administrators and technology support staff.


Develop technology standards and guide professional development.

Encourage teachers and school districts to create clear visions of what an ideal classroom with integrated technology looks like. Individual teachers can design their own technology growth development plans by outlining their expectations for the school year.

Build an on-campus and/or online professional learning network.

Funding for professional development could be strategically allocated to encourage experimentation with supportive technologies in addition to, or perhaps in lieu of, more traditional onsite assistance. Conversely, the school district could invest in a full-time “technology facilitator” who provides teachers with convenient solutions to technical queries.


Federal, state, and local education departments and districts; Curriculum directors; Higher education; School board members and committees; Teachers and students


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