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Solutions: Infrastructure - Wireless Hotspots

Identify and Expand Wireless Hotspots in the Community

GOAL: Expand access to broadband through Wi-Fi.

DESCRIPTION: In order to maximize the benefits that wireless hotspots provide, a community must ensure there are an appropriate number of hotspots available, along with a published inventory of the locations of each wireless hotspot.

Wireless hotspots are classified as free or fee. Hotspots are often found at restaurants, train stations, airports, libraries, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, bookstores, fuel stations, department stores, supermarkets, RV parks and campgrounds, public pay phones, and other public places. Many universities and schools have wireless networks on their campuses as well.


Develop a community Wi-Fi inventory.

Conduct an analysis to identify key areas and organizations for the expansion of local wireless hotspots.

The local Chamber of Commerce and tourism groups should promote the hotspots to ensure maximum visibility in the community.


Community and business leaders; Civic leaders and organization members; Citizens; Local Government; Broadband Providers; Community Anchor Institutions


Mapping Community Wifi Access:

Community Wi-Fi – A Primer: