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Solutions: Infrastructure - Vertical Assets

Complete a Vertical Assets Inventory

GOAL: Develop a single repository of vertical assets, such as communications towers, water tanks, and other structures potentially useful for the support of deploying affordable, reliable wireless broadband in less populated rural areas or topographically challenged areas.

DESCRIPTION: Wireless communications equipment can be placed in a wide variety of locations, but ideally, wireless providers look for locations or structures in stable conditions, with reasonably easy access to electricity and wired telecommunications, and with a significant height relative to the surrounding area. “Vertical assets” are defined as structures on which wireless broadband equipment can be mounted and positioned to broadcast a signal over as much terrain as possible. These assets include structures such as cell towers, water tanks, grain silos, and multi-story buildings.

The lack of easily accessible and readily usable information regarding the number and location of vertical assets prevents the expansion of affordable, reliable wireless broadband service. Wireless broadband providers must determine if it is worth the effort and expense to collect and analyze this data when making investment decisions. Public sector organizations are faced with the same challenges. A centralized and comprehensive vertical assets inventory can help wireless broadband providers expedite decisions regarding the deployment of affordable, reliable broadband service in rural areas.


Identify or develop a vertical assets inventory toolkit to provide guidelines to identify structures or land that could serve as a site for installation of wireless communications equipment.

Data to collect would include vertical asset type, owner type, minimum base elevation, minimum height above ground, and location.

Identify and map elevated structures using your community’s GIS resources. The resulting database should be open-ended; localities should be encouraged to continuously map assets as they are made available.

Disseminate information to wireless providers who may be interested in leveraging vertical assets.


Local and county government; Broadband providers, particularly wireless; Residents, businesses, and institutions with vertical assets able to support wireless equipment


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