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Solutions: Inclusion - Technology Mentorship

Develop a Technology Mentorship Program

GOAL: Use student technology knowledge to implement community programs.

DESCRIPTION: Initiate a program designed to recruit local high school or college students who excel in school and exhibit advanced leadership and technology skills to assist in technology training, technical support, and outreach efforts in their communities.

Recognizing students as a powerful resource for local outreach efforts, the program will tap into the technology knowledge base that exists among students and will challenge students to extend their teaching and learning experiences beyond the classroom.


Identify the program format and offerings. Similar technology mentorship programs are organized as student-run help desks or student-led classes.

The program can be hosted at a local school or community anchor institution, such as a library or community center, and could be run during the school day as part of the regular curriculum, during study hall, or as an afterschool activity.

The curriculum could be borrowed from an existing technology mentorship program, or could be student-driven. Similar programs offer digital literacy training to seniors, provide computer refurbishing, build websites, and other forms of tech support to local residents.


Broadband providers; Schools (K-12, Higher Education, Community Colleges); Libraries; Students; Community and Senior Centers


Online Mentoring Programs