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Solutions: Inclusion - Technology Academy

Establish a Community Technology Academy

GOAL: Create a partnership to underscore a community's commitment to developing a tech-savvy workforce.

DESCRIPTION: Develop partnerships between libraries, community centers, churches (places with computer labs for public use) and schools, community colleges, and universities (places with subject matter experts) to develop a "Community Technology Academy."

Providers, local businesses, and community volunteers may be included to provide financial and/or in-kind support for the program. Academy curriculum should include basic training in areas such as introduction to computers, Internet basics, social networking, using communication technologies, and the use of applications such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, or Google Docs.


Identify all organizations performing technology education and training services.

Identify all the organizations that have computer labs.

Compile a list of classes to be offered and develop content or leverage content that is currently available at minimal or no cost from organizations such as Microsoft.

Determine what classes are currently being offered in the community.

Develop a collaborative and cooperative approach for operating the "Community Technology Academy" among all organizations.


Libraries; Schools (K-12, Higher Education, Community Colleges); Community committees/organizations; Technology companies/organizations; Broadband providers


Toledo Technology Academy: